Posted by: gowrisivaprasad | October 6, 2007

Can we avoid problems in life?

Can we avoid problems in life? I mean, by not confronting a problem will it go away?

But I see many instances in daily life where people have either chosen to ignore or consciously go out of the way or take deliberate action to avoid some problems. It doesn’t happen for all problems, some of us are loathe to deal with certain or certain kind of problems. In almost all cases people know they have to face realities at some point.

Isn’t this like procrastination? Putting off doing something is no different from putting off dealing with a situation.

We see this in business situations commonly. Delaying confronting a problem employee, or not bringing up a quality issue to the attention of our managers etc. Sometimes these problems go away – a problem employee could decide to quit!

Are you avoiding any problems in your own life? How are you ultimately planning to deal with it?

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