Posted by: gowrisivaprasad | November 2, 2007

Google’s OpenSocial: Automation of social networks?

Dan Farber, David Berlind et al, Robert Scoble and others have pointed out many aspects – technical and strategic – of Google’s OpenSocial. There is one aspect that hasn’t been explored yet: automation.

Till now you had to register and build your profiles one by one in each of the various social networks. This is quite tedious and unless you are a dedicated “socialite” and had friends in every network you didn’t take the trouble.

But now, with the availability of a single API that can read and write profile and friend data, you can build an application that reads data from one network and propagate that to the other networks. It could even replicate the social graph. Does this mean that membership numbers wont matter much anymore, since you could potentially be a member of all participating networks with the click of a button. Automation?

Of course this depends on how far does the OpenSocial API itself allows access to reading and writing profile data.

Profiles and memberships are sacred to the networks. Would they allow applications to be able to do CRUD operations on memberships and profiles?

It will be interesting to watch how the API grows.


  1. Interesting post…Definitely gives another dimension to this thought.

  2. Thanks Vaibhav. You have an interesting blog BTW.

  3. Thanks Gowri.

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