Posted by: gowrisivaprasad | November 6, 2007

Problems with Yahoo Mail?

Is it just me? For past few weeks I have had lot of trouble with the Yahoo Mail UI. Messages refuse to load, XML and HTML parsing errors show up, UI freezes, errors when sending mails etc.

Esp with Firefox browser. With IE, these problems have been less frequent. I haven’t seen Parsing error dialogs in IE so far.

I have heard from multiple people in my family who all seem to be having issues as well. Anyone else seeing the same things?

Update: For me, in the last few days, the new Yahoo Mail interface has started working again reasonably well in Firefox. Though its still painfully slow and takes ages to load mails in the preview window, atleast I dont see xml parsing error popups anymore. BTW, Yahoo!: when are you going to implement the new Mail Options for the new interface? For eg, if you go to manage Mail Filters it tells you that you have to use the old “Classic” interface to setup filters. It has been this way for months.



  1. Well Gowri,
    I seem to be a happy user of Yahoo Mail. I believe this kind of issue can happen if you have a slow connection and the parsing process times out. Although m not sure if Yahoo is actually facing such issues.
    Interesting post though…will do lil research on this now 😉

  2. Vaibhav, I am kinda on a slow network, with a VPN connection as well. Loading keeps timing out pretty often, cant help it. But wonder why Yahoo takes that long, even with an Ajax interface!

    The thing that bothers me though is that even when there is no activity I am getting popups with parsing errors pointing to a tag as being malformed. This happens pretty much everyday, mostly in Firefox.

    Let me know if you find anything. Thanks!

  3. firefox really sucks big time with yahoo mail. It’s not you, it’s firefox. It sucks.

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