Posted by: gowrisivaprasad | December 6, 2007

Recyclable Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards that can be recycled easily. Good idea!

You buy a greeting card, it comes with a special “two-way envelope”. If you are the one getting the card, once you are done with it, you put it into the return part of the envelope and send it back to the manufacturer which recycles the paper for making other products.

This idea should be extended to many of the paper products we handle daily – newspapers, magazines, and so on. The last page in a magazine or newspaper could have a tear-out return envelope that you use to return it back to the sender or to a recycling plant.  In a place like US it is cheaper to just chuck the greeting card or magazine into your recycle bin. But this would be especially useful in countries (like India, where I live) where a Recycle bin is not available in every house, and separating recyclables is not yet a common practice.


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