I work as a Director of software development at Oracle in Bangalore. I manage product development in various areas of Fusion Middleware.

I am interested in a variety of things – finance, gadgets, time management/productivity/organization, digital photography, painting, business books, and anything technology. I am a geek at heart, read a lot of blogs, follow the buzz in the blogosphere, am willing to try most new web services and sites.

The photo in the header of the blog is the building where I live in Bangalore. I live in the top floor! Awesome view.

Disclaimer: The content and opinions expressed in this blog are mine and purely personal in nature, and are in no way related or connected to or endorsed by my employer. I retain the right to change my opinion on any topic at any point in time for any or no reason. It is my opinion after all. You are under no obligation to agree or disagree with anything I say in this blog. Infact you are under no obligation to even read this blog.



  1. Dear Gowrisivaprasad

    Happened to visit your blog via google. Interesting blog. Your work from yahoo finance on international investment was good.
    That shows the power of emerging economies. Isnt it? Anyway just thought of putting in a comment.
    keep writing in

    Warm Regards
    Suresh Kaimal

  2. Hi Gowri,

    I came across your mention of our PDF Download add-on on your “My Firefox Extensions” page and thought I’d contact you to see whether you’d be interested in participating in a private beta for the upcoming PDF Download 2.0. The program starts today and is limited to a select group of existing PDF Download users.

    If this is of interest, please email me and I’ll send you details on PDF Download 2.0 and how you can join the beta program.



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