Posted by: gowrisivaprasad | February 1, 2008

The Bane of Good Roads

 Have you ever wished for a bad road? I did, tody morning.

The approach road to my office (Magrath Road, leading away from Garuda Mall) is pretty bad, atleast ever since I knew it. The surface is lacking in most places, its full of stones and pot-black-holes that give shocks to shock absorbers. Two days ago they widened the road, resurfaced it really well, and did it all in two night’s time! Kudos to the road workers.

But hold on, the best part of the road was that it did not attract a lot of traffic and we use to drive in modest speed. With the road made so much better, today morning it took me more than 20 minutes to go half a kilometer, with bursts of immobility for many minutes all along. Everyone has discovered the good road and everyone wants to use it now.

How I wish the road was bad again!



  1. Problems move from one place to another. Better roads, flyovers or dug up roads – all cause this.

    I wish all roads (at least near you) are better so there’s no place for bottlenecks to surface.

  2. @Chaitanya: thanks for your wishes. But with the state of roads in Bangalore, its not a wish that is likely fulfilled in a lifetime!!

    The thing that bugs me the most is how they keep adding more tar layers to an existing road, rather than relaying ground up.

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